Our Curriculum

Curriculum Aims

It is our aim that by the time the children leave Rosedale Primary School to embark on the next stage of their education, they are equipped with the academic skills and knowledge, and have developed the personal attributes needed to enable them to become successful citizens of the future.


Curriculum Design

There are three main components to our curriculum design: the academic curriculum, our personal development curriculum and the pedagogical principles embodied in our practice that aim to ensure our curriculum is effectively implemented. Information on each of these can be found below.

  • Our academic curriculum outlines the breadth and depth of knowledge that pupils will secure as they progress through Rosedale, towards secondary education. Information on what pupils study at each stage of their education at Rosedale can be found on individual subject pages. 
  • Our personal development curriculum provides an overview of how pupils at Rosedale will be equipped with the ability to become well-rounded, cultured, driven and respectful citizens of our society.
  • Our pedagogical principles underpin the implementation our academic curriculum, fuel professional development for staff and aim to ensure our curriculum is implemented effectively.


More information on our curriculum can be found by contacting our school office on (01302) 782744 or via admin@rosedale.doncaster.sch.uk.