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Principal's Welcome

As a one-form entry primary school and nursery, based in Doncaster, we cater for pupils from 3 - 11. Parents describe our school as a 'hidden gem', tucked away in the heart of Scawsby, and recognise that our staff 'go the extra mile'.

As a school, we dare to dream. We are ambitious for ourselves as a school and, in equal measure, aim to instil this mindset in our pupils. Below, we have given just a small flavour of what Rosedale offers. 

Most recently, Ofsted have judged Rosedale to be a 'good' school, in all areas. Inspectors noted that Rosedale is a place of learning that provides a warm, welcoming and purposeful environment for all of its pupils and that, from Early Years, children get off to an exceptional start. 

If you are considering Rosedale for your child, we would love to show you around our setting and what we can offer.

Mrs Adela Denovan│ Head of School

A strong start...

Our Nursery provision:

  • Nursery & Reception pupils have access to two large indoor spaces, filled with highly-engaging provision to develop pupils' core skills whilst also offering quieter spaces for individual and group teaching activities.
  • Access to outdoor provision and the vast, beautiful grounds that Rosedale has to offer.
  • Staffed with highly-experienced practitioners, who are able to support pupils' individual personal and academic needs.
  • Allows pupils the opportunity to mix with peers that they can move into the Repception year with.

All 3-year olds are eligible for 15 hours free Nursery provision, and some families may be eligible for 30 hours. We work with families to look at when these hours are best (e.g. morning sessions through the week or 'blocked' days).

Reading comes first...

Reading is the most crucial skill for future success, which is why it is prioritised at Rosedale. What does this look like?

  • High-quality phonics teaching, using the Little Wandle Phonics Scheme, preparing pupils for success!
  • Above-national phonics attainment at the Year 1 Phonics Check, reflecting the high-quality teaching and meaning pupil are ready for the next stage of their reading journey!
  • From September 2023, families have access to an online digital reading record, meaning you can keep up-to-date with and add to your child's reading journal.
  • Rapid Catch-Up provided to those pupils that are at risk of falling behind, aiming to make sure every pupil succeeds. 
  • In 2022-23, over £20k spent on investment in reading for pleasure books and phonics resources - meaning pupils access high-quality books, directly linked to their phonics knowledge.
  • Further across school, English Curriculum is based around a core text, instilling a love of reading.

Rosedale Dreamers...

Learning goes far beyond the academic at Rosedale. Our Rosedale Dreamers curriculum aims to provide:

  • Pupils have access to a range of after-school clubs;
  • Opportunities in the past year have included performing at Opera North,
  • From September 2023, our Rosedale Dreamers assemblies each term focus on an inspiring 'dreamer', so that pupils can discuss, debate, appreciate and respect the world around them!


Wider Curriculum...

In our Junior School, pupils access a high-quality, sequenced curriculum. For some afternoons, pupils are taught by teachers who teach an individual subject specialism. What does this mean?

  • Pupils are taught by teachers who are delivering that subject across the Junior years, therefore able to more easibly able to make links with prior knowledge and prepare pupils for future learning.
  • Pupils are well-prepared for the transition to secondary school, getting to know a range of teaching staff across school. Unlike secondary, teachers move to pupils' classes.

Two sites, one school...

As a school with a separate infant and junior building, our pupils benefit from large, vast outdoors space to both play and learn in.

Both sites can be accessed via entrances on either Stanley Road or Emley Drive.

Click here to see directions to our Stanley Road entrance.

Click here to see directions to our Emley Drive entrance.