The academy has a Governing Body to ensure that it has the capacity to improve and raise overall standards.  Ofsted considers the governing body to be part of the leadership and management of the academy, however governors do not manage the academy. That is the job of the Headteacher and Leadership Team. Governors are there to be “a critical friend” to the Headteacher and the academy. However they do oversee the development of the academy – their main aim being to assist the Chief Executive Offcer, Headteacher and senior leaders to always provide a high standard of education for all pupils, of all abilities.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of governors who are actively involved in the life of the academy.


Exceed Learning Partnership understands the importance of diversity and the benefits of it’s boards being reflective of the communities they serve.  To view diversity data relating to our governing boards please click here: ELP Governance Documentation


Our Governing Body is made up of the following members:


Governor Handbook

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2022-23

Code of Conduct

Scheme of Delegation

Business and Pecuniary Interests