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We focus on learning with reading at the heart of everything we do

Year 6

Week beginning 13th July 2020

This week's theme for learning is


Where could you visit in the holidays? What new things will you learn?


Please keep up with READING EVERY DAY,

Practicing your TIMES TABLES and SPELLINGS too!


Keep Safe! Keep Going! Keep Smiling! 

Amazing Learning from Last Week

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.

As a number of your children are now returning to school, I will still continue to prepare and upload activities for those pupils accessing learning from home.

All the activities for this week are on the school website and I will continue to respond to message as before.

Thank you for continuing to send photos for amazing home learning, I really enjoy seeing how hard you are all working.

Have a good day and stay safe.

Mr Symonds

Amazing Learning from this week.

Transition Information: Ridgewood School


Following on from my conversation with a number of parents, I have had more information from Ridgewood School regarding transition. There is a letter that I have attached below this message, which explains plans for future transition to secondary school.

Please keep an eye out on the Ridgewood School website for further information.

Have a good evening.

Kind regards

Mr Symonds

Important Information: Transition

Good morning everyone,

A number of you have been asking about the plans for transition to your child's secondary school.

The following information has been provided by Doncaster Council. Any further information for your child's allocated school will be available soon.

I have also attached a document of Frequently Asked Questions, provided by Doncaster Council, that may answer some of your queries.

Transition Information Provided by Doncaster Council:

- Every year 6 family will receive a hard copy of the “Flying Start” Workbook delivered to their home address via first class post. This will also include a letter to families outlining how to access the Google Classroom

- The Flying Start Transition Booklet and accompanying letter (including instructions for families on how to access Google classroom) will be delivered to every Year 6 household by Monday the 30th June ready for the transition lessons on the 1st July 2020. Parents should contact their chosen secondary school if they have not received the booklet by this date.

-There will also be a digital version of the “Flying Start” Transition Workbook available on in the Google classroom.

- Every Secondary school will have a dedicated Google transition classroom that each child that has an allocated place in the school will be able to access (This is pre-populated with children based on Admissions information). The classroom is code based and compliant with confidentially and GDPR guidelines. The classroom is populated with walkthrough “how to” video’s’ created by the team to support the completion of the Transition workbook. These resources will support the completion of the pupil workbook in the family home.

- Every Secondary school will have the facility for a designated member of staff from the school to have access to the classroom to be able to interact with, students and families to facilitate answering any questions that may arise.

- 4 x 15 minute “Transition Mindfulness” video lessons will also be available within the classroom.

Please keep an eye on your child's allocated secondary school website for specific information relating to that school.

Stay safe.

Mr Symonds

Transition FAQ's

Amazing Learning from Year 6 (Including Charity Events and Birthdays)

Drumming with Jack

Still image for this video

Piano Man

Still image for this video
Jack has been working hard to put both hands together in his piano playing.

Amazing Work from Last Week's Learning

Superb Learning from Year 6 Pupils

Summer 1 Term- Hello and Welcome Back


I do hope everyone is well. This is the beginning of the Summer 1 term, where the weather is getting better and the activities can be done either inside or outside.


Our new topic is Darwin's Delight 




I have uploaded the planning for the coming week along with Monday's activities below this message. 


Please read the planning carefully as some things may have changed.


There is now a bigger focus on Literacy/Maths, where your child will need to keep up with their skills to ensure that there is no lost learning or skill gaps. This is particularly important for Year 6 with the upcoming move to high school.


I have uploaded and will continue to upload, maths topic-specific knowledge organisers so that all pupils can recall key information and access their learning more easily.


Keep up the good work, keep on sending exciting work via Class Dojo and I will be ringing around over the next coming days to hear how you all are.


Best wishes


Mr Symonds


Maths Knowledge Organisers


Below, are all the knowledge organisers for the current and upcoming topics for maths. 


These are really useful for not only your children but also as a gentle reminder to those adults supporting with their child's current learning.


Please refer back to these to clarify key information/misconceptions.



Literacy Structure Strips and Y6 Setting Description Example (See planning for initial activities)

Planning for 20th April Onwards

Easter Fun Activities

Amazing Work from Week 2

Activities for 3rd April 2020


I have uploaded the resources for today above this post. 




The computing work will be on on-going project over the coming weeks where the pupils can create their own Quiz using Purple Mash Coding.


Follow the instructions carefully for each part of the project as the end result can be made on their account and published for other pupils to play.


Design Technology


For the gas mask, use the instructions provided. All the D+T work will go towards making a whole 1940's outfit to link directly to our topic of 'A Child's War'.



Activities for 2nd April 2020


Here are a number of brain-teasing maths activities that can be completed on your home computer:


Remember to screenshot your solutions so I can upload them onto the school website for others to see.


Good luck and have a good Thursday.


Mr Symonds

Activities for 1st April 2020

Pictures of fabulous learning from Week 1

Work Produced by Year 6 Pupils


Hi everyone. 


I'm really happy to see and hear that you are doing well whilst we are not in class. 


Thank you so much to all the parents/carers who have sent me pictures of their child's work. These pictures are up on the school's Facebook page and I will be uploading images each week of Year 6's fabulous learning.


Keep up the hard work.


Mr Symonds

Year 6 Learning Planning: Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Activities for 25th March 2020 (See planning for instructions)

Activities for Monday 23rd March 2020

Year 6 Learning: Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Welcome to Home Learning: Year 6


As part of our aim to continue to provide learning to all pupils in Year 6, I have attached the timetable for this week.


Please read this carefully as I hope to have made it straight forward to understand tasks. 


All pupils should now have their home learning packs with exercise book and equipment. 

All activities can be done in their exercise book or on plain paper, 


I would love to see how their work is coming along so do contact me using Class Dojo where you can upload images of their work.


Make sure you check back each day to see the activities and worksheets.


Keep in touch.


Mr Symonds

Home Learning in Case of School Closure


All pupils have now been allocated a Home Learning Pack in the case of a school closure. 


I would strongly recommend that all Year 6 pupils continue to work diligently to prepare for their upcoming SATS examinations by using their revision materials provided several weeks ago. These books are to be kept by the pupils and they are more than welcome to write any notes they wish.


Here are a list of very useful websites for SATS practice/worksheets:


YouTube can be used to find appropriate videos giving clear explanation of key learning concepts.


Thank you


Mr Symonds

Welcome to Year 6


Our teacher in Year 6 is Mr Symonds

Mrs Senior is our teaching assistant.


These are our topics for this year:


Autumn Term 1 - Blood Heart

Autumn Term 2 - Frozen Kingdom

Spring Term 1 and 2 - A Child's War

Summer Term 1 and 2 - Darwin's Delights  


PE Days





We encourage the children to remember to read as often as they can and have their planners signed to earn reading rewards. 



A Homework Menu will be sent home at the start of each new topic. We ask that the children have a go of at least one of the activities across the term and bring it into school as soon as it is completed. There will also be other core curriculum tasks set on a weekly basis, where appropriate, to support current learning. 


Topic Leaflets

Click below to download our leaflets to explain more about what we're learning in each topic. 

Year 6 Revision Materials

Below are some resources that can be used at home to support with revision for SATs. 

Ways to Deal with SATs - by May Y6


As you might know, SATs are eminent tests, which are vital for Year 6s moving up to secondary school, wherever it might be. While these tests may seem daunting, you can find a remedy for your fears right here in this article.

1. Revise, revise, revise! Although it seems boring, this crucial information you will learn could be the key to having a passing score.


2. Pay attention in lessons! No matter how dreary it is, those 6 hours of school are the reason you will acquire the knowledge.


3. Have fun when you revise! Why not invite some friends over and have a study session together? Try not to get too distracted though!


4. Relax! If you ever feel stressed about it, take a breather. You could read, draw or simply tell someone your worries. The chances are, you won’t be the only one with these fears!


5. Stay calm! The weeks leading up to SATs will fly by, and once the tests are over with… FUN TIME!!! And before you know it, you’ll be in secondary school!


Year 6 Visit to Crucial Crew by Alex B


As you might have been aware, Crucial Crew took place on 11th March 2019 and it was a blast!


As we walked into the building we were seated in the police classroom we were greeted by some members of staff from Crucial Crew who landed us into a real life set


All of the sets were made to be put in a scenario where we would learn how things like court worked. We also got to see what a real cell would look like which was designed by real prisoners and we saw a crime fighting service called SmartWater which is a service that detects the connection between crime and you.


We also learnt about

  • Arson
  • First Aid
  • Bus Travel Safety
  • The Danger of Carrying Knives
  • What To Do In A Fire
  • Court
  • Internet Safety
  • Anti-Social Behaviour

I would Definitely Look Forward to This for Any Year 5s Reading This

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