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We focus on learning with reading at the heart of everything we do


At Rosedale we provide the children with a number of opportunities to write and try as much as possible to give pupils a real purpose for their writing. 


Our longer pieces of writing are often linked to our themes each term and a varied in genre. Each piece of writing is built up over a number of lessons following the EEF guidance and research into what works best to encourage good quality writing. We look at good examples of that type of writing, use model texts and make checklists of the features. We plan carefully and draft our ideas. The children are always encouraged to make changes, edit, their writing too, independently or with a partner. Finally, they will be asked to present a final piece where they look closely at their editing and make sure this is the best they can do.  The document: The Journey to an Effective Piece of Writing attached below, sets out our sequence of learning. 


We have a fortnightly Creative Writing session which gives the children the chance to work independently and write in a way that suits them. They are given prompts, which might take the form of pictures, photos, videos or real events that they then choose a way of writing about from it. 


The day after a visit, we spend the day tackling different written tasks that reflect on the learning that has taken place. We might send letters of thanks, write reviews of the visit or base a story around what was done on the visit. First hand experiences make for very good quality writing. 


As part of our punctuation and grammar learning, we teach the children to use what we call our 'Smashing Sentences'. These are based on a scheme by Alan Peat and provides the children with a bank of different sentences that they choose to use in their writing. The sample of the types of sentences can be seen in the document below.  


Journey to an Effective Piece of Writing



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