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Talk Time

As part of our drive to improve the oracy of our children we now have Talk Time Assemblies three times per week. The idea of these assemblies is to give children a chance to discuss and debate issues that are interesting and important and to develop their debating skills. 


On a Monday we have a whole school assembly where the theme is introduced through a stimulus such as a presentation, image or video clip. A key question for the week is posed to the children.


On a Tuesday children have a key stage assembly where they have an opportunity to discuss and debate the theme in a smaller group so there are more opportunities for each child to talk. 


On a Wednesday assembly takes place within the classroom and the theme is discussed in greater depth as a class. 


Themes we covered in Autumn Term were:

New Beginnings

Celebrating Different and Diversity


It’s Not OK to say… “That’s so gay”

Challenging stereotypes

Respecting people’s choices and beliefs

Celebrating role models

Happiness Project


British Values

Advent: Counting down to important events

Are traditions important? Christingle



Themes that are coming up in Spring Term are:

Welcome back – new year, new you


Martin Luther King Day

Being different

Celebrating other cultures 

Enjoying school life (outcomes of pupil questionnaire)



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