We are a very sporty school. We do lots of practise during our PE lessons, at lunchtimes and at our after school clubs. We then put our skills into action by taking part in festivals and competitions with other schools.

We were very proud to achieve the School Games Mark which recognises the sport and games that takes place in school. 

Mr Brown leads sport at Rosedale and teaches PE in each year group. 

Scotty's Heroes

Every Wednesday we welcome Mick from Scotty's Heroes into school. Mick hosts a VIP lunch for children that have won awards in Achievement Assembly the previous week. In an afternoon he runs some intervention groups in KS1 with a focus on leadership skills and being active, and after school he runs a KS2 after school club. 

The photos below show some playground activities that Scotty's Heroes led one visit. 

Sports Clubs

We offer a lot of extra-curricular sports clubs which change each half term so that the children are able to access a range of sports over the year. 

Change for Life

Click below to visit  the Change for Life website with lots of information about keeping healthy.

Change for Life