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We focus on learning with reading at the heart of everything we do


Welcome to Reception!


Our teacher in Reception is Miss Robertson.

Our support staff are Mrs Theaker and Mrs Wray (Tues-Fri AM)

Our class Governor is Father D'Silva.

Curriculum Themes for Reception


We learn about lots of fun and exciting throughout the year.


Term Themes

Ourselves and People Who help Us

History: What has happened to me since I was a baby?

Geography: Where do I live?

Science: What does my body do?


Toys, Old and New

History: What is different between my toys and my Grandparents toys?

Geography: Where are toys from?

Science: Why are toys different?



History: How have farms changed?

Geography:How is the countryside different to the city?

Science: How does my food go from farm to fork?





The classroom door opens at 8:45 and is closed at 9am. 

Your child must bring their reading book and planner to school everyday.

PE kits should be brought to school on Monday and left on your child's peg until Friday.


When the children come into the classroom they hang their coats up and get their reading book out ready to read with an adult everyday. The children then access continuous provision from 8:45 until 9am. 


At 9am we have a  30 minute high quality phonics lesson where we learn phase 2 and phase 3 sounds, and tricky words. Following this have a literacy lesson lesson and access continuous, and enhanced provision indoors and outdoors.


At 12pm until 1pm we have dinner where the children will walk up the the junior building and have a meal in our junior hall. The children will be with an adult all of dinner who will be their dinner person.


In an afternoon we have maths lessons and learn about a range of foundation subjects to develop our skills. We have a focus on history, geography and science throughout the year. The children also take part in physical education, Religious Education, art, design and technology, music, and PSED.


Early Reading: 

At Rosedale we work hard to ensure each child has the opportunity to be a successful, confident and happy reader. In order to do this reading is a school priority. The children in Reception read to an adult every day.

In order to support your child, we ask that you read and share stories at home every day for 10 minutes. Please make a note in your child's planner when you have read with them.  

Home Learning:


Here is a Home Learning menu which lists a selection of fun and engaging challenges for the children to do at home. These can be collected as a pack from the Infant building reception or can be downloaded and printed at home. 









Parental Involvement:

Unfortunately due to COVID 19 parents are not able to come into the classroom until further notice. 


If you wish to contact Miss Robertson please do so using Class Dojo by following the link , or by calling the Infant Office. All messages will be responded to outside of school learning times.


  • Come and Learn Sessions

Parents are invited to join us in Early Years to contribute to their child's journey of learning. We will be holding regular events where you can interact with your children in school to complete a set of activities. This term we will be holding a 'Make a Bird Feeder event'.


  • Curriculum Maps

As a way of keeping parents up-to-date on our developing curriculum there are curriculum maps available. These tell you all about the fantastic learning we will be doing over each term.


  • Wow Moments and Proud Clouds

When your child has a WOW moment, you can make a note of in using one of the proud cloud or wow moment templates. We have 'WOW Moments' and 'Proud Cloud' boards in our classroom to be contributed to. 







Wow Moments and Proud Clouds Printable



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