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Philosophy for Children

As part of our focus on developing the children’s oracy skills we have started to do Philosophy lessons in each year group. These lessons give the children opportunities to discuss a key question and develop their confidence in speaking in front of others as well as giving them chance to express their opinion and listen to and respect the opinions of others.


Some of the questions that we've discussed this term are:


Was the Gingerbread Man right to run away?


Is it ok to lie?


Was Jack right to steal from the giant? Is it ok to steal from someone if you are poor? Is it ok to steal from someone who is mean to you?


When do you become an adult?

The children in Year 2 watched a short film called For the Birds and discussed the following questions about it:

Were all the small birds as mean as each other?

How did the big bird feel?

Is it ok to laugh at someone because they're different?



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