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What's On wb 28th March

Last week Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed their visits to Yorkshire Bank and the Thackray Medical Museum. This week we don’t have any visits taking place, but on Friday the children in Nursery and Reception will be visited by a Police Officer and Police Car as part of their People Who Help Us topic. They loved their visit from a paramedic a couple of weeks ago and have produced some fantastic writing and paintings following on from the visit.


This week our Talk Time Assembly theme is based around our value of being inclusive. We read the story of Elmer and talked about fitting in and how Elmer wanted to be the same as everyone else. As we carry on the theme through this week we'll be thinking about questions such as 'has there ever been a time where you've felt different and wanted to fit in?' and 'why is it good to be different?'



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