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Medical Information


Infectious Illness

The Principal School Medical Officer has provided the following list as a guide to the time pupils should be excluded from school if they have an infectious illness.

Chicken Pox - 6 days from onset of rash

German Measles - 4 days from onset of rash

Mumps - Minimum of 7 days (until swelling goes)

Measles - 7 days from onset of rash

Whooping cough - 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough

Infective jaundice - Not less than 7 days following the appearance of jaundice or until clinical recovery

Streptococcal tonsillitis - Until clinical recovery is made

If you are in any doubt whether your child should be in school then please contact your GP.




Contagious Disease

Conjunctivitis - until recovered

Impetigo - Until skin lesions have healed

Lice - Until treatment received

Verrucae - Exclusion unnecessary

Scabies - Until adequate treatment is instituted

Threadworm - Exclusion unnecessary, but treatment advisable

Dysentery - Until clinical recovery

Ringworm of feet - Exclusion from barefoot activities unnecessary

but treatment advisable

Athletes Foot - as above





Parents are discouraged from sending medicine to school unless absolutely necessary, i.e dosage is to be given 4 times daily.

Any medicines brought must be handed in to Mrs. Hutchinson or Mrs. Palmer at the start of the school day. A completed consent form must accompany any medication. These forms are available from your class teacher or the school office.  

Please be advised that the school has no legal obligation to administer medicines in school.



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