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Learning Monsters

To help develop learning behaviours in the classroom we have developed our Learning Monsters. There are a set of Learning Monsters for Foundation/Key Stage 1 and a set for Key Stage 2. All the monsters cover the same learning characteristics but the expectations of each are slightly different to ensure that they are age appropriate. 


You can meet our Learning Monsters below. 

Adventurous Alex

I use my mistakes to help me learn.

If something goes wrong, I try something else.

I enjoy challenges.

I take risks in my learning.

Creative Chris

I create lots of new ideas.

I reflect and evaluate.

I learn from others.

I try a variety of ideas to make things even better.

I take time to think carefully about what I'm doing. 

Have a Go Harper

I am willing to try.

I can take the lead.

I look for different ways of doing things.

I can work independently. 

Persistent Perry

I concentrate and listen well in class.

I show resilience in everything I do.

I keep going to get it right.

I always say I can.

If something goes wrong I will try something else.



Problem Solving Pat

I respect the ideas of others.

I have my own ideas and can make them even better.

I like to share ideas and develop solutions.

I predict what might happen.

I notice patterns and make links. 

Proud Percival

I take pride in myself and my learning.

I try my best in everything I do.

I am proud to share my learning and achievements.

I believe I can do anything. 



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