We have created a bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum that ensures children are given broad access to the subjects of history, geography and science. 

We have chosen three key themes which run throughout our history teaching so that children develop an understanding of how these develop through time.

  • Writing and Communication
  • Transport
  • Crime and Punishment 

In Foundation Stage children begin to learn about what the past is, beginning in nursery about the immediate past and moving on in Reception to looking at when parents and grandparents were younger. Knowledge and vocabulary has been carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that it underpins the Key Stage 1 curriculum. 

In Key Stage 1 children learn about significant individuals and events as well as local history, all of which have been carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that they provide children with underpinning knowledge and vocabulary to support their learning in Key Stage 2. 

In Key Stage 2 children learn about the history of Britain in chronological order, as well as learning about world history including the Mayans, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.