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We focus on learning with reading at the heart of everything we do


English Curriculum

The documents below show you the content of our English curriculum. They show the objectives taught in each year group and are organised into a reading and a writing document.

Teaching of Writing


We teach four purposes of writing:


- Writing to Entertain

- Writing to Inform

- Writing to Persuade

- Writing to Discuss


Within each of these purposes there will be a range of genres taught. For example writing to entertain may include stories, poems or descriptive writing. Writing to inform may include reports, leaflets or biographies.


Teachers plan engaging units of work based around a range of stimuli that engage children in writing. The stimuli may be a text, a video clip, an artefact or an event amongst others.


The document below shows you the types of writing taught in each year group alongside the stimuli that teachers use in that year group.

To ensure that children read a wide range of stories during their time at Rosedale, we have recently started to use the Pie Corbett Reading Spine. This is a range of carefully selected texts that will be read in each year group. Click the link above to see which stories will be read in each year group so that you can see the books that your child is reading in class. Children will study other texts as well as these, but these are the core texts.

Teaching Reading

In Foundation Stage and Year 1 children have a daily phonics lesson to teach them the sounds of the English language. This enables them to blend words so that they can read them. We teach phonics using Letters and Sounds.


We have recently invested in new reading schemes that will support our teaching of phonics. The books that children will read in the lower stages are all decodable and this means that they will contain sounds that they've learned in phonics to enable them to apply what they have learned. We have decodable books from Floppy's Phonics and Jelly & Bean.


At the end of Year 1 children take the Phonics Screening Check and any children who don't meet the required standard for the check will continue to receive daily phonics lessons in Year 2 to ensure that they meet the required standard when they retake the Check at the end of Year 2.

Across school, we do guided reading. This is where children work in small groups to read a shared text with their teacher and teaching assistants. These sessions help children to build their comprehension skills.

The English Coordinator is Mrs Gallacher. If you have any questions about the teaching of English please see her.


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