At Rosedale Primary School, we know that technology is a key part of the children’s day to day lives and that as technology continually develops we are preparing our children for jobs of the future that don't currently exist. Our Computing curriculum aims to give our children the skills that they need to embrace and utilise new technology safely. We want the use of technology to support learning across the curriculum and we want our children to be able to competently apply their skills to utilise technology in other curriculum areas. 

We want our children to become computational thinkers, which will support the development of their creativity, resilience and problem solving in all aspects of school life. 

We are also keen that our Computing curriculum develops the cultural capital of our children, allowing them opportunities to understand how technology is utilised in the majority of aspects of life in the 21st century. 


We have developed our long term plan using the Teach Computing scheme. We have selected units from Teach Computing and organised them so that all year groups focus on the same strands each term:

Autumn Term - Computing Systems and Networks (Foundations of Computing)

Spring Term - Programming (Foundations of Computing)

Summer Term - Creating Media and Data & Information (Applications of Computing)

Throughout all the units there is a focus on children using technology safely and responsibly. Our PSHE curriculum teaches children in depth about Online Safety (Implications of Computing). 

Click the links below to download our long term plan and how the National Curriculum objectives are mapped into our curriculum. 



Computing Long Term Plan

National Curriculum Mapping Computing