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We focus on learning with reading at the heart of everything we do


We have had to restrict the clubs that we have running due to restrictions. In Spring Term we are looking to start getting clubs back up and running in a Covid secure way. 


This will be done on a very gradual basis so that we can ensure systems we set up are working well.


The first club to get going will be Dodgeball for Y5 and Y6 after school on a Thursday. Please fill in the form on Parent App if you'd like your child to attend. 



Chillout Club


Our Chillout Club is on every lunchtime to give children an opportunity to spend time with their friends in a relaxed environment. There are board games, colouring, reading and construction toys available or some children prefer to just come along for a chat with their friends.

Sports Clubs

Gardening Club

We Can Grow by Adam Y6


Rosedale has recently started a collaboration with We Can Grow on Wednesday where children who go to breakfast club on Wednesday will get to learn about plants and will even get to plant food. This week we planted potatoes.

Key Stage 1 Choir

Board Game Club

Art Club

Mrs Walker and Carly's Art Club. Years 3 & 4 practised mixing water colours and produced a colour wash.



  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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