British Values

In our assemblies over the past few weeks we've been learning about the Fundamental British Values of:

  • Individual Liberty
  • The Rule of Law
  • Tolerance
  • Democracy

We've been really interested in finding out more about these and how we can link them to what we do in our school. See below to find out more about our work on each of these. We will also be learning more about each of these values during our RE and PSHE lessons. 


Click below to see the presentation we looked at in our assembly on democracy. We learned what democracy means and we had a good discussion and debate about what age people should be allowed to vote. There were some really good contributions with some children saying that you should be at least 10 because you wouldn't really understand if you were younger than that. Other children thought that 16 would be better because you'd have more of an understanding of what you were voting for. We talked about how even though we can't vote until 18 we can still take an active interest in the world around us and how our country is run. We learned the names of our local councillors and our local MP. 

We talked about democracy at Rosedale and how our School Council is a great example of democracy. School councillors are elected from each class and represent that class. Lots of children put suggestions forward to our school councillors and this year some of their achievements include:

  • running an anti-bullying competition to design an anti-bullying mascot
  • asking the Site Supervisor to install new coat pegs in the library
  • requesting new lunchtime clubs: there are now lunchtime clubs on most days
  • asking the site Supervisor to fit new clocks in areas they thought they'd be useful
  • suggesting Year 6 sit on chairs in assembly which they now do
  • inviting local residents into school to share Christmas Dinner with us
  • organising a talent show
  • launching a tuck shop - this will be opening very soon

Individual Liberty

In our assembly on Individual Liberty, the Principal started by telling us some new school rules. We felt that these were really unfair. You can see them in the presentation in the link below. Some of the rules were telling us who we could play with or what we were allowed to talk about. After some discussion the Principal told us that she was only pretending and these weren't our real new rules. 

We learned that individual liberty is one of the British Values and it means we have the freedom to choose who we play with, what we eat, what we talk about etc. We learned that although we have freedom, we have to follow rules that exist to keep everyone safe. We learned that individual liberty does not mean you are free to do what you want, you are free to do what is right. 

We talked about individual liberty at Rosedale and how we have our school rules to ensure that we are all safe. It is important that we all follow these rules as this makes our school a safe and happy community to be part of. We have the freedom to choose what we do and say as long as we are listening to our teachers and teaching assistants who are there to help us learn and keep us safe. 

The Hueys in The New Jumper
We read the story of The Hueys in The New Jumper and looked at how we all have the right be an individual. We followed up the story with discussions in our key stage assemblies about the question: Do you prefer to blend in with the crowd or stand out from the crowd?

The Rule of Law

We learned more about what the law is and about the institutions that make and enforce the law. We looked at pictures of the Houses of Parliament and also Doncaster Magistrates Court and Doncaster Crown Court so that we started to become familiar with these important places. We then had discussions about why we need to have laws and what rules we think are most important in our classrooms and in the playground. Everyone had a really good shared understanding of what our rules at Rosedale should be and why we have them.


Click below to see the presentation from our assembly about tolerance. We talked about what the word tolerance means to make sure that everybody understood it really clearly and then we looked at some examples of situations and talked about if the person in the situation was being tolerant or intolerant. Mrs Gallacher was very impressed with our understanding of tolerance.