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School Council

Rosedale Primary School Council

The school council meets on a regular basis. It is made up of a group of elected councillors who represent their class and who have the chance to meet, talk and make decisions about some of the issues affecting our school. The councillors are elected every September and every class is represented from Reception to Year 6.

A week before polling day , the junior candidates are announced. They must give a short presentation to their class on the morning of election day and then the class votes by secret ballot in the afternoon. In the infants, the teachers help everyone to choose the representatives. There is an elected chair and secretary who takes minutes. Mrs. Baker is the link teacher and she prepares the agenda for each meeting. The councillors ask their class for ideas to discuss and other adults in the school are permitted to make suggestions as well. The council can raise funds by organising an event, like a non-uniform day, or they can apply to Friends Of Rosedale school (FORs) or the school budget for a grant.

No names are ever discussed in council meetings and the councillors are expected to maintain good standards of behaviour and act as representatives of the school. This is a very successful venture, growing from strength to strength, providing an excellent model of democratic structure.