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Maths Curriculum

The document below shows you an overview of the objectives that are taught in each year group in maths.

Maths Overview
We follow the White Rose Maths Hub planning documents for the teaching of maths. The document above can be downloaded to show you the different units that we teach in each year group. 

The Teaching of Maths

At Rosedale, Pupils are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop and extend their mathematical skills in and across each phase of education.

Generally, lessons start with a mental/oral starter, a main teaching activity, followed by an independent activity, ending with a plenary session. Throughout lessons, children get the chance for:

Group work

Paired work

Individual work

Whole class teaching use of equipment, resources and ICT


Pupils engage in:

The development of mental strategies

Written methods

Practical work

Investigational work

Problem solving

Mathematical discussion

Consolidation of basic skills and number facts


Concrete - Pictorial - Absract


Last year, we have put a lot of effort, money and time into introducing staff and children to the idea of concrete - pictorial - abstract teaching in maths. The basic idea is that no matter the topic, all children should be introduced to it by through concrete objects. Once they have a good understanding, they will then move on to pictorial and finally abstract methods. 


This year, children will be using this strategy more to build on their understanding. 


See the link below for a more detailed explanation. 

Arithmetic and Calculation

Arithmetic is a major focus in the current curriculum. As a result, we have produced a list of non-negotiables for the teaching of arithmetic across school. At Rosedale, we also understand the importance of establishing a secure foundation in mental calculation and the recall of key number facts before written methods are introduced. These are constantly reinforced throughout lessons. 

Formal methods of calculation are taught in each group. Please check back for videos below showing each year group expectations.