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This page is in the process of being updated with full details of our improved curriculum. In the Key Information section you will find some curriculum information that is in the process of being transferred over to this curriculum page. 

On this page and in the linked pages you will find out all about our curriculum at Rosedale. There is information about our Curriculum Intent (what we teach), our Curriculum Implementation (how we teach it) and our Curriculum Impact (how our curriculum has an impact on our children). 





The documents below show how we teach the different aspects of English at Rosedale. We have worked as a staff to put these documents together so that our English provision meets the needs of our children. 


We have designed our curriculum so that it meets the needs of and engages our children. For some of our subject we started with the Cornerstones curriculum as the basis of our curriculum but have built on this to make it link to our school and local community. At the heart of our curriculum are our curriculum drivers - enterprise, SMSC, healthy learning healthy lives, parent and community involvement and building learning powers. 


For each topic we have knowledge organisers for history, geography and science. We also have skills progression documents to show which skills we will be teaching in the other foundation subjects. Click the links below to view our knowledge organisers. 

Skills Progressions

For DT, Art, Music and Computing we have created skills progression documents to show how children will develop their skills as they move through school. Click the links below to download these documents. 




We follow a scheme called You, Me, PSHE across school. This includes the following units:

- Sex and Relationship Education

- Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education

- Keeping Safe and Managing Risk

- Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

- Physical Health and Wellbeing

- Careers, Financial Capability and Economic Wellbeing

- Identity, Society and Equality


We also work with Big Talk Education who provide sessions for every year group on Sex and Relationship Education. 



We follow the Doncaster Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Curriculum Implementation