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Talk Time Assemblies

A key aspect of our SMSC provision at Rosedale are our Talk Time Assemblies. On a Monday we have a whole school assembly where the theme for the week is introduced and some discussion is had around that theme. On a Tuesday we have a key stage assembly where we are given more opportunities to discuss the topic and develop our oracy skills whilst learning more about our theme. On a Wednesday we have assembly with our own class so that our discussion can be even more focused. 


Click the link below to download our themes so far this year. 

The music we are listening to in assembly this half term is Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Below you can listen to each of the pieces. 

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons Budapest Strings Bela Banfalvi, Conductor Here are the times for the specific movements: Spring 0:00 Summer 10:31 Autumn 20:59 Winter 32:48

The music we listened to last half term in assembly was The Planets by Gustav Holst. Below you can listen to the pieces.

Gustav Holst- The Planets, Full Suite

0:00 Mars 7:27 Venus 14:52 Mercury 18:39 Jupiter 26:11 Saturn 35:26 Uranus 41:12 Neptune

Martin Luther King

In assembly we've been learning about Martin Luther King. We've been thinking about our school value "We show bravery in everything we do" and how Martin Luther King was brave in standing up for what he believed in. 


We linked it to our theme of anti-bullying and talked about how we should stand up for what we know is wrong. If we see someone bullying or being unkind we should tell them that it is wrong and tell a teacher. 

Being Different 

In our Talk Time Assembly one of our themes was based around our value of being inclusive. We read the story of Elmer and talked about fitting in and how Elmer wanted to be the same as everyone else. As we carried on the theme through the week we thought about questions such as 'has there ever been a time where you've felt different and wanted to fit in?' and 'why is it good to be different?'